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Pumpkin Pina Colada

Updated: Oct 1, 2022


3 cups diced pineapple (frozen is best, then you can use less ice)

1 can of coconut milk (unsweetened)

3 tbs canned pumpkin

3/4 cup of rum

2 tbs pumpkin spice sugar

ice to preference

(Pumpkin spice sugar is simply equal parts pumpkin spice seasoning and sugar, I also used this mixture to rim the glass prior to serving)


  1. Combine all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth.

  2. Dip rim of glass in rum and roll in Pumpkin Spice Sugar.

  3. ENJOY!

Makes a pitcher of Piña colada.... 1/2 the recipe for 1 to 2 people!

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