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Blood Orange and Ginger Mojitos

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

It's Friday y'all so I am here with a new Halloween Inspired cocktail recipe for you to try!

You guys! This one is DEFINITELY one of my faves! It has everything a perfect cocktail should, a little sour, a little sweet, and a tiny kick of spice. ::chef's kiss:: Bellissimo! I found the original recipe on Pinterest, so I left a link to that at the bottom of the page. If you try it don't forget to tag me in it! Have fun and enjoy responsibly! xo

Ingredients Ginger Simple Syrup 1 cup water

1 cup sugar

2 'knots' of fresh ginger, peeled and cut into pieces

Cocktail 1-2 ounces of white rum (per cocktail)

Fresh Mint Leaves

2 limes cut into wedges

brown sugar (to rim the glass)

Blood Orange Soda (the recipe calls for Pellegrino, I accidentally grabbed 'blood orange/raspberry ones instead of plain Blood Orange flavor and it still turned out great!)

a splash of pure cranberry juice


Simple Syrup Combine water, sugar, and ginger in sauce pan. Simmer until sugar is dissolved. Let cool.

Cocktail 1. Combine 2-3 lime wedges (depending on how sour you want your drink), some fresh mint leaves about 2-3 tbs, and 2 tbs of the simple syrup in a glass.

2. Muddle ingredients to release oil from the mint.

3. Add ice to your glass.

4. Pour 1-2 ounces of rum.

5. Top off with Blood Orange soda and a splash of cranberry

6. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and dice up the ginger from your simple syrup for an extra kick!


Original recipe:

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