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5 Tricks to Get Motivated and Up Your Productivity RIGHT NOW!

With so many people working from home, schooling from home, and just staying home more in general, it should come as no surprise that productivity is at an all time low and depression is at an all time high. I get it, why get up and get dressed when you have literally no where to go? The problem is, we become too comfortable doing nothing; we get lazy and unmotivated which eventually affects our stress levels, personal health, and leads to depression. That is why today I am going to give you 5 quick little tricks you can do RIGHT NOW to get yourself motivated and become more productive with your day.

1. The 5 Second Rule (by Mel Robbins). I find, for myself, that this rule is the most helpful. I'm an over-thinker, so, I will think of every single scenario in my head and then get so much anxiety over the task given that I just never get it done. The 5 second rule is perfect if you're like me. When you're feeling "stuck", (ie, you can't get out of bed, you can't get off the couch, you can't get out of your car in the parking lot, ect), simply count down from five; "5..., 4..., 3..., 2...,1...," and then you move. Physically, just go. You get up, you get dressed, you get out of the car, you go in the store, whatever it is that you are putting off... without overthinking, without time to hesitate. 5...,4...,3...,2...1. Go!

What happens is, we sit around over thinking situations or waiting for something to motivate us to get going. Studies have actually shown that motivation, more often than not, is a result of taking action, not the other way around. So, next time your stuck in a funk and can't get moving, instead of overthinking it, just count down and GO! You'll be proud and more motivated as a result.

2. Make your bed. This one gets repeated a lot these days, but that doesn't make it less important. Making your bed is a great way to motivate yourself, even if you plan on staying home all day. I don't know about you, but when my bed isn't made it's almost like it's screaming to me to climb in and get cozy. Which is great at bed time, but bad for productivity. So, after you count down and get out of bed, make it. First thing. Don't think about it, just do it. Not only does it make it less inviting for you to dive back in, but it also makes your room look cleaner, AND more importantly, you've just woken up and you've already accomplished something! This feels good! Motivation is all about momentum, so once you start it's easy to keep going. More likely than not, after making your bed, your sense of accomplishment will get you motivated enough to do something else productive, and so on and so on.

3. "Wake up like Tony".

This one is a little mash-up of a few Tony Robbins exercises with my own spin. So let's go....Wake up early, I wake up at 4:30 am, because this gives me the most time to be productive before the kids wake up. Next, take a 5 minute cold shower.

This has many benefits. It's a great way to train your mind that when you decide to do something, you do it without hesitation. Also, the cold water helps with body inflammation, joint pain, blood circulation, and more! Start with a Luke warm shower, then slowly turn the water as cold as you can stand. The colder, the better! Then, after your 5 minutes is up, get out, and get dressed.

Next, I want you to stand up. Feet shoulder width apart. Put your hands on your hips (like a super hero) and look straight ahead and take some deep breaths. This is called a power stance. But we're not stopping there. While you are in your power stance, pick 3 things you are grateful for. (It can be out loud or in your head, but if you can... I encourage you to say it out loud.) Then, choose 3 tasks that you want to accomplish today, set your intent for the day...and say it out loud or in your head.

Instead of saying "I want to get my closet organized," say it with determination.... "I WILL ORGANIZE MY CLOSET." "I will read 2 chapters in my book." ect. ect. Then, proceed to number 4 on the list.

4. Take 10

If you are into meditation, this is where I recommend you do that, but if you are not

THAT'S OK! Take 10 minutes to yourself and write down some goals, some "I am" affirmations, some positive quotes, or if you are into manifesting, you can

script. During these 10 minutes play some calming music and turn your phone on silent. Every single person can manage 10 minutes to themselves each day. This helps your brain clear out all the outside distractions, and recharge for the day ahead.

If you want to try meditation and never have before, I suggest searching on YouTube. You will find all sorts of meditations from all different people. Try a few until you find someone that resonates with you. A meditation that is AMAZING to me, might be terrible for you. Every single person is going to be different so this one might take some trial and error, but the outcome is definitely worth it, so don't give up!

And lastly,

5. GET MOVING for 10 Minutes

Did you know that just 10 minutes of moderate exercise a day can completely change your mood? It's true.Also, other known psychological benefits of exercise include improved mood, increased self-esteem, increased positive body image, better sleep, and decreased levels of depression and anxiety. (NASM) So, even if you don't have any specific fitness goals, you can still benefit a lot from simply getting your body moving on a day to day basis. If you are not used to regular physical activity, this will be great for your blood circulation also. Go for a walk around the neighborhood, at your favorite shopping center, a local park, or even around the house or on a treadmill. Set a timer for 10+ minutes, and go! Listen to your favorite tunes, or your favorite motivational speaker or download a good audio book. You'll be surprised how great you feel afterwards, and it's another way to get some momentum going.

You see, there's really no ONE trick to staying motivated. It simply comes down to the individual, and it's basically just a mind game with yourself. What gets you out of bed one day, might not work the next. That is why I gave you multiple different exercises that you can try individually, all together, or mix them up and create your own routine. There is no wrong way. The hardest part is getting started. So don't over think it.


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